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Improving Communications With Employees

If improving communications with your employees was on your 2018 list of resolutions, there are many ways to leverage digital technology to achieve this goal. Businesses that still rely on a “suggestion box” in the break room or some similarly out-of-date mechanism should consider adopting current technology to make employees feel more involved and part of the team…

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Most Important Thing to Do for Your Google Search Results

Visit Google and type your business name, street address and city into the search bar.

What should pop up on the upper right of the results is a Google Knowledge Panel of your business. You should see your correct business name, phone number, and a button that leads to your website…

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Quick Tips

It’s Important to Celebrate

Teams need successes to celebrate; it’s our job to grow the company to create a good energy and environment for the team. Being too comfortable isn’t good. You need the passion to move the business forward.

By : Melissa Baker, Xebee Records

Time Efficiency

Call your office on the way back to get 1 or 2 meetings done with your team.

By : Alyssa Forslund, Marks Paneth

New Employees and Culture

New employees don’t change the culture of a company; new employees adopt the existing culture of their new company (be it a good or bad culture).

By : Margaret Hawkes, Freedom Mobility Ltd.

Just Do It!

Sometimes you just have to take the plunge!

By : Harshad Soma, Ledgerworks

Tried Xero?

Xero — the best thing we ever did!

By : Andrew Steffert, Chris Peebles Electrical